Executive team

The Executive Team is responsible for X5’s overall management and is accountable for the Company’s pursuit and achievement of corporate goals and objectives, its strategies and policies

Under the chairmanship of the CEO, the Executive Team has responsibility for day-to-day management of X5, ensuring coordination of functional units, compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations, and managing risks associated with the Company’s activities

The Executive Team

Igor Shekhterman

X5 Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Member of the Management Board
Фотография - Igor Shekhterman

Vsevolod Starukhin

X5 Chief Financial Officer
Фотография - Vsevolod Starukhin

Ekaterina Lobacheva

General Counsel and Government Relations Director
Фотография - Ekaterina Lobacheva

Svetlana Volikova

Director of Business Support
Фотография - Svetlana Volikova

Vladislav Kurbatov

General Director of Pyaterochka
Фотография - Vladislav Kurbatov

Vladimir Sadovin

Acting General Director of Perekrestok
Фотография - Vladimir Sadovin

Ilya Yakubson

Director of Chizhik
Фотография - Ilya Yakubson

Anton Mironenkov

Managing Director of X5 Technologies
Фотография - Anton Mironenkov

Vladimir Salakhutdinov

Director of Strategy and Business Development
Фотография - Vladimir Salakhutdinov

Tatiana Krasnoperova

Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development
Фотография - Tatiana Krasnoperova

Elena Konnova

Corporate Communication Director
Фотография - Elena Konnova

Dmitry Agureev

Director of Corporate Security
Фотография - Dmitry Agureev

Frank Lhoёst

Company Secretary, Member of the Management Board
Фотография - Frank Lhoёst

Quinten Peer

Member of the Management Board
Фотография - Quinten Peer

Tatiana Rakhmanova

Managing Director of X5 Ready Food
Фотография - Tatiana Rakhmanova