​​​​Company and ​Community

X5 Retail Group is proud to be making a meaningful contribution to society. The Company’s CSR priorities are:

Food Aid

  • Work with a food foundation
    X5 and Rus Food Foundation are working together to run the nationwide Basket of Kindness project for low-income households.
  • Support for veterans
    The Company provides war and labour veterans with food supplies on a regular basis.
  • Discounts for pensioners
    Pensioners get a 10% discount on Mondays and  5% discount on other weekdays at Pyaterochka stores, a10% discount on weekdays at Perekrestok stores and a 5% discount on weekdays at  Karusel stores in the first half of the day. 
  • Electronic social certificates
    A new programme enables low-income households to get financial aid from the Moscow City Government using electronic certificates, which can be used for purchases at the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel chains.

Child Care

  • Partnership with the Life Line Foundation
    The X5 stores have dedicated Life Line collection boxes to help children with severe health problems.
  • Kindness Candy charity project
    This project sees X5 stores collect substantial funds that are then donated to surgeries financed through the Life Line Foundation.
  • Running for Life charity marathon
    Each year, the X5 team participates in Running for Life, a charity running event organised by Life Line, a charitable foundation to help children with complex health conditions, and the United Way of Russia charity.

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