​​​​Company and ​Community

X5 Retail Group is proud to be making a meaningful contribution to society. The Company’s CSR priorities are:

Food Aid

  • Work with a food foundation
    X5 and Rus Food Foundation are working together to run the nationwide Basket of Kindness project for low-income households.
  • Support for veterans
    The Company provides war and labour veterans with food supplies on a regular basis.
  • Discounts for pensioners
    Pensioners get a 10% discount on Mondays and  5% discount on other weekdays at Pyaterochka stores, a10% discount on weekdays at Perekrestok stores and a 5% discount on weekdays at  Karusel stores in the first half of the day. 
  • Electronic social certificates
    A new programme enables low-income households to get financial aid from the Moscow City Government using electronic certificates, which can be used for purchases at the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel chains.

Child Care

  • Partnership with the Life Line Foundation
    The X5 stores have dedicated Life Line collection boxes to help children with severe health problems.
  • Kindness Candy charity project
    This project sees X5 stores collect substantial funds that are then donated to surgeries financed through the Life Line Foundation.
  • Running for Life charity marathon
    Each year, the X5 team participates in Running for Life, a charity running event organised by Life Line, a charitable foundation to help children with complex health conditions, and the United Way of Russia charity.

Help for lost people​

  • ​Pyaterochka proximity stores, the Centre to Search for Missing People (CSMP), and the Liza Alert search and rescue team have rolled out a joint project to assist lost or disoriented people, including lost children and the elderly. As part of this effort, "safety zones" have been set up in 14,500 Pyaterochka stores across 65 regions of Russia. These specially designated areas in each Pyaterochka store are marked by an orange geolocation sign and serve as a landmark for lost individuals. In the store, a lost person can ask any employee for help or wait for assistance in the designated area. Some 50,000 Pyaterochka employees have been trained to identify lost or disoriented persons, and have been provided with guidelines on actions to take if a lost individual is spotted in a store. The instructions call for the store director to call the CSMP hotline to report each case. Depending on the circumstances, the CSMP operator will decide whether to call an ambulance, the police, or to contact Liza Alert to send a representative to the store. Pyaterochka is the first retail chain to team up with Liza Alert on this initiative.​

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